Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Providing top-notch Virtual Reality services for all your special events.

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Drumming Circles

Drumming Circles

Creating the perfect ambiance with our drum circles and kotel drummers.

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Montage Makers

Montage Makers

Our Montage Makers can make your slidehshow with skill and care.

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Experience the extraordinary as your child's Bar Mitzvah takes a mesmerizing turn with the incredible talents of our renowned mentalist. 



With a perfect blend of humor, charm, and a touch of the extraordinary, our magicians will create an unforgettable experience for everyone.



Step right up and witness the incredible artistry of juggling at your bar mitzvah! Get ready to be amazed by a juggler extraordinaire who will bring a dynamic and thrilling performance to your celebration. 

red blue and yellow abstract painting


Sit for a few moments and watch as your image comes to life on paper, with exaggerated features and charming details that will bring out your individuality. It's not just a drawing, but a personalized piece of art that you can treasure forever.



Graphiti Hats and Hoodies station will ignite your imagination and allow you to express your individuality. Whether it's a cool baseball cap adorned with your name and favorite symbols or a trendy hoodie featuring custom designs and vibrant colors, the possibilities are endless. 



This interactive and mesmerizing experience allows you and your guests to participate in a cherished cultural tradition, fostering a sense of connection and unity. Let the beauty and grace of henna adorn your bat mitzvah celebration, adding an enchanting touch and creating lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Balloon Hats

Balloon Hats

Get ready for a whimsical and fun-filled celebration at your bar or bat mitzvah with Balloon Hats Galore!

Balloon decor

Balloon decor

Transform your bar or bat mitzvah venue into a wonderland of color and joy with enchanting Balloon Decor! 

Magnet photographer

Magnet photographer

Preserve the magic of your bar or bat mitzvah with the innovative Magnet Photographer experience! Step into a world where moments are captured and transformed into personalized magnets that will become cherished keepsakes.

Floral decor

Floral decor

Transform your bar or bat mitzvah into a blooming paradise with breathtaking Floral Decor! Immerse yourself in a world of natural beauty as the venue comes alive with stunning floral arrangements that captivate the senses.

Lighting decor

Lighting decor

From elegant uplighting that bathes the walls in a warm glow to dynamic dance floor lighting that pulses with energy, every element will be meticulously curated to enhance the mood and atmosphere of your celebration. Watch as the venue comes alive with an array of lighting effects, creating a captivating backdrop for memorable moments and joyful celebrations. 

Are there any more attractions available from HOLY SIMCHAS associates? YES.

Tie-Dye Station: Guests can customize their own tie-dye creations as a fun and colorful activity.

Personalized Henna Tattoo Booth: Allow guests to get temporary henna tattoos with personalized designs.

Spray Paint Hats and Shirts: Guests can unleash their inner graffiti artist by having thier name spray-painted their own custom designs on hats and shirts. It's a wearable masterpiece that screams individuality!

**Drum Circle:**

Join the rhythm revolution! A drum circle provides an interactive and rhythmic experience, where guests can beat to their own drum and create a harmonious vibe together.


Prepare to have your mind blown! A mentalist adds a touch of mystery and mind-bending illusions to the event, leaving guests questioning reality and talking about the incredible feats they witnessed.


Abracadabra! A magician adds a dash of enchantment to the celebration, performing mesmerizing tricks that leave guests in awe and wondering, "How did they do that?"


Juggling, spinning, and keeping things up in the air! A skilled juggler adds a playful and circus-like atmosphere, entertaining guests with their impressive feats of coordination.

**Tzitzit / Techelet Workshop:**

Dive into tradition! Guests can participate in a workshop where they create their own tzitzit and learn about techelet, adding a personal touch to these significant and symbolic elements.

**Candle Making Workshop:**

Let creativity shine bright! Guests can craft their own candles, choosing colors and scents to create personalized, hand-poured masterpieces. It's a hands-on activity that leaves everyone with a unique keepsake.

**Balloon Arch:**

Make a grand entrance! A balloon arch adds a burst of color and excitement, setting the stage for a lively and festive atmosphere as guests arrive.

**Lighting Decor:**

Set the mood with enchanting lighting decor. Whether it's fairy lights, lanterns, or creatively placed spotlights, the right lighting can transform the space into a magical wonderland.

**Balloon Decor:**

Elevate the decor with whimsical balloon arrangements. From elegant bouquets to fun and quirky shapes, balloons add a touch of celebration and playfulness to the event.

Funky Balloon Hats:** Guests get funky balloon hats to wear.

Fire Dancers:** A thrilling fire dance performance to captivate the audience.

Roving Entertainment:** Stilt walkers, jugglers, or other roving performers to interact with guests.

Glow-in-the-Dark Face Painting:** Face painting with UV-reactive paints for a vibrant and glowing effect.

Gelato or Ice Cream Cart:** A cart serving delicious gelato or ice cream with various toppings.

Interactive Fire Pit Lounge:** A cozy lounge area with interactive fire pits for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Gourmet Donut Wall:** A visually appealing wall displaying a variety of gourmet donuts.

DIY Flower Crown Station:** A station where guests can create their own flower crowns for bat mitzvahs.

DIY Lip Balm Station:** Create personalized lip balms with different scents and flavors for bat mitvzvahs.

Personalized Hora Chair:** A specially decorated chair for the celebrant during the traditional Hora dance.

DIY Dream Catcher Station:** Craft personalized dream catchers with various materials and designs.

DIY Glitter Tattoo Booth:** Guests can choose and apply their own glitter tattoos for a touch of sparkle.

Gourmet Cotton Candy Bar:** Offer a range of gourmet cotton candy flavors with fun toppings.

Balloon Artist:** A balloon artist crafting intricate balloon sculptures for guests.

Digital Caricature Booth:** A modern twist on caricatures with a digital drawing station.

Roaming  Manget Photographer:** A photographer capturing candid moments throughout the venue.

Live Streaming Services:** Broadcasting the celebration to include friends and family who couldn't attend in person.

Interactive Choreography:** Engage guests in a coordinated dance routine for a memorable group performance.

Escape Room Challenge:** Set up a mini escape room for guests to solve puzzles and challenges.

Fortune Teller Booth:** Adding a touch of mystique with a fortune teller or tarot card reader.

Gourmet Food Stations:** Stations serving specialty foods or interactive food experiences.

Sweets Bar:** Let guests create their own sweet treats with a variety of candies and toppings.

Live Caricature Artists:** Artists creating caricatures of guests as unique keepsakes.

Green screen photo stand:**

Balloon Drop:** An exciting balloon drop to mark a special moment in the celebration.

Guestbook:** An guestbook for attendees to leave messages.

Magician or Illusionist:** A magical performance to captivate the audience.

Scented Candle Station:** Allow guests to create their own scented candles as a unique keepsake.

Digital Guestbook:** An interactive digital guestbook for attendees to leave messages.

Virtual Reality Experience:** Offering a virtual reality experience for an extra dimension of fun.

Themed Decorations:** Decor elements that complement the theme of the Bar Mitzvah.

Catering Services:** Arrangements for delicious food and snacks of all sorts with all variety of Kosher Supervision (Hashgacha) 

Professional Photography Services:** Capturing candid moments throughout the celebration.

Photo Booth: A fun photo booth for guests to capture memories.

Video Montage: A visually engaging video presentation celebrating the Bar Mitzvah's journey.

Party Favors: Customized party favors for guests to take home.

Mocktail Bar: A non-alcoholic bar serving creative and themed mocktails.

Themed Props: Fun props that match the party theme for photo opportunities.

Social Media Integration: Sharing moments on social media with a dedicated hashtag.

Social Media Wall: A live feed of social media posts related to the event.

Craft Stations: Creative stations for guests to make personalized keepsakes.

Aerial Performers: Acrobatic or aerial performers for a breathtaking show.

Live Artistic Creations: An artist creating live art pieces during the event.

Game Tables: Tables with mini games for guests to enjoy between dances.

Customized Merchandise: Offering personalized event merchandise like shirts, hats, or accessories.

Mind-Reading Act: A mentalist or mind-reader for a captivating and interactive performance.

Live Animal Encounters: A safe and supervised opportunity for guests to interact with animals.

Gaming Lounge: A designated area with video games, arcade machines, and consoles.

Human Statues: Performers dressed as statues  for added entertainment.

Customized Scavenger Hunt: A personalized scavenger hunt with clues related to the Bar Mitzvah.

Innovative Dessert Stations: Interactive dessert stations with unique and creative treats.

Plant Your Own Tree Station: Guests can plant their own saplings as a symbolic gesture.

Mime Performance: Surprise and delight guests with a skilled mime performance.

CustomizedRap/ Poetry Session: Have a poet create personalized poems for guests on the spot.

Futuristic LED Robes for Dancers: Dancers wearing LED-lit robes for a futuristic and dynamic performance.