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Professional DJ Services

Engaging EmCee

Party Planning Meeting Call

Traditional & Contemporary Dances

2 x 12" Profession DJ Speakers

Professional Microphone for Speeches

DJ Mixer

DJ Light


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Grand Entrance

Party Pumper / Hype Guy/Gal

Fun Costumes

Detailed Dance Instruction

Just Dance

Gameshow with Sound Effects

Kumzits Leader


3 Meter Giant Chasid Puppet

Sumo Ball

Dance Floor Motivator

Tambourine Decoration

Chesed Project


Experience unforgettable music and entertainment at your next event with our professional Bnei Mitzvah DJ services.


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Bnei Mitzvah DJ FAQ

What do families hire HOLY SIMCHAS DJs to handle?

We looked to hire your team to bring ruach and a fun upbeat vibe to our event while also maintaining an organized program. Aliza Schacter - Efrat

More here

What if we want something that we don't see on the package?

Chances are that we offer it.  There are so many options for activites and props for a bnei mitzvah.  Once you have us booked for your event date we can talk about which might be right for you. 


We accommodate specific song requests?

We encourage clients to share their preferred songs in advance so we can tailor the playlist to their taste and event theme. During the party planning meeting you can share with us your prefereces.

We provide lighting and sound equipment.

We offer professional-grade lighting and sound equipment to create an immersive experience for your event.

What have bar mitzvah boys said to their parents after having a HOLY SIMCHAS Bar Mitzvah?

"Mom, I can't thank you enough for choosing the perfect DJ for the musical entertainment. He understood what I needed to make this celebration special.”

Elish E., Bar Mitvzah boy, Neve Daniel

“Ima, I've heard from so many of my friends and family about how amazing the party was. They couldn't stop talking about the music and the entertainment.  They go on and on about the HOLY SIMCHAS  DJ who taught us  dance moves  and how much they enjoyed themselves. “

Ari K., Bar Mitzvah boy, Beit Shemesh


“Aba! The DJ HOLY SIMCHAS truly made the day come alive. That make my dreams a reality.

Yoseph, Bar Mitzvah boy, New York

“DJ HOLY SIMCHAS  was absolutely amazing and brought so much energy and fun  to my party.  He not only made this day unforgettable but also ensured that it was a reflection of who I am.“

Ariel, Bar Mitzvah Boy, Efrat


“When my parents asked me what I wanted for my bar mitzvah, I only cared about one thing for my bar mitzvah, who the DJ would be.  HOLY SIMCHAS's ability to capture the essence of the day and infuse it into the music and entertainment was incredible. I couldn't have asked for a better party.”

Moshe Bar Mitzvah Boy, Jerusalem

“  I know that you wanted a keyboard player and singer and that I wanted a DJ because that’s what makes a party fun. Thank you for letting me choose to have a real DJ as the musical entertainment.   I love that he was not just about playing music;  but he was a full on entertainer who engaged everyone and created an atmosphere that was so much fun.”

Nadav Bar Mitzvah boy, Florida

“The way the HOLY SIMCHAS DJ  tailored the music, activities, and atmosphere to match my personality and the theme was spot on. It felt like he really understood me. “

Hananya Bar Mitzvah boy, Modiin

What types of music do you specialize in as a DJ?

Before the big day, I engage in in-depth conversations with the parents to understand their cultural background, family values, and any specific guidelines from the school or religious institution. This information helps us curate a playlist that aligns with the family's vision for the celebration.We take the time to speak with the bnei mitzvah child to get a sense of his/her musical tastes and preferences.

As an interactive Jewish DJs with a broad expertise in various Jewish music styles and a vast knowledge of American and world music, we specialize in creating a unique and personalized musical experience for bar mitzvah celebrations. Ouraim is to cater to the diverse preferences of the family, the bar mitzvah boy, and his friends, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable event.

Our extensive music library covers a wide range of Jewish sub-cultures, including Ashkenazi, Yerushalmi, Mizrahi, Chasidic, and Modern Jewish music. Additionally, we bring a global perspective with a rich collection of American and world music. While we are versatile and open to various genres, we don't play raunchy rap to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere.

Ultimately, we understand that the parents have the final say in the musical choices and volume level. Our goal is to collaborate closely with the family to create a soundtrack that reflects the significance of the occasion and enhances the joyous atmosphere of the bar mitzvah celebration.

How do you ensure that the music suits the atmosphere and preferences of the event?

We customize every playlist to match the event's ambiance and cater to the unique music preferences of our clients.

What services do you offer as a DJ?

We offer professional DJ services for events, parties, and weddings, providing a wide range of music genres to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

How do we book HOLY SIMCHAS?


If you have seen us in action or if you have just seen enough of our website to know that you want us to make your simcha come alive, that’s great.


Booking are made on a first to reserve VIA DEPOSIT  basis only.


First fill out our Date Checking form for on our contact page.


We may want to will schedule a call with you to understand your needs. 

Or we may feel that your application is sufficient.


We often find that communicating via WhatApp or Email is sufficient to determine the goodness of fit.


If the proposal accurately reflects what is wanted and  if the price is acceptable, then you would like to reserve the service.


Booking are made on a first to reserve  basis only.

Just  follow these steps to hold the date:

  1. Send us a message over WhatsApp at +972547775306 or email expressing your intent to book

to  AND  as is to verify that the date is still available. We will confirm the date's availability promptly.

  1. If the date is available, following our confirmation, we will send you detailed instructions on how to make the deposit. Please proceed to make the deposit promptly.
  2. After making the deposit, send us a screenshot of the transaction confirmation via WhatsApp. This will allow us to officially reserve the date for your event and turn away other inquiries.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the services are secured for your special occasion, and we can proceed with the necessary arrangements to make your event a resounding success.


In more detail, the journey towards having a HOLY SIMCHA till you are booked is as follows:  


Here are the step you’ll take on your journey to having your simcha be a  HOLY SIMCHA:


  1. Discovery:

You’ve heard about the HOLY SIMCHAS DJs through positive recommendations from trusted sources such as friends, family, or event planners.

Or you may have discovered HOLY SIMCHAS through online platforms specializing in event services, where you came across glowing reviews and testimonials about  HOLY SIMCHAS music and Jewish events expertises.

Or you are a big fan because you have been to a HOLY SIMCHAS event of a friend or been a client yourself.


  1. Initial Contact:

You reached out to the HOLY SIMCHAS DJ via WhatsApp, phone, email, PM, DM or the contact form on their website.

You fill out a lead form to let us know that you'd like to set up a 10 minute call to hear if we understand your vision.   


The HOLY SIMCHAS team  responds promptly, displaying a friendly and professional demeanor. 

If we are available we will likely  expresses our excitement to discuss your event and provide further information about our services.





  1. Consultation:

   - We suggest a consultation (Discovery Call) to understand your event requirements in detail.

   - In preparation for the consultation you fill our “discovery form” which you get in email in a form/to-do.

   - The consultation can take place over the phone or via video call.

   - We actively listen to your vision for the event, asking specific questions to gather information about the event type, venue, guest demographics, and desired atmosphere.

   - We inquire about any cultural or religious aspects that should be considered, ensuring we can incorporate the appropriate music selection, traditions, personalized based on what you tell us about you. 


  1. Personalization:

   - Based on the consultation, we can  showcases our expertise in SIMCHA music, event planning and entertainment.

   - We present a wide range of music genres, including traditional songs, Israeli hits, Sephardic music, and contemporary music.

   - We take into account YOUR preferences and event theme, curating a playlist that aligns with YOUR vision.

   - We may offer sample tracks or perform short demonstrations to illustrate our style and musical abilities.


  1. Contract and Booking:

   - After discussing the details and reaching an agreement, we, the HOLY SIMCHAS DJs, provide a comprehensive contract and line-item proposal via email.

   - The contract and proposal outline the agreed-upon services, event date, duration, pricing, and any additional considerations such as equipment setup and breakdown.

    -Sometimes people want a more detailed description of what will be provided. We can make that for you once both parents have agreed with HOLY SIMCHAS about what they are wanting and what the agreed upon price is and are ready to send a deposit upon receiving the detailed description. 

   - You review the contract, seeking clarification if needed, and e-sign it.

   - You provide a deposit or to secure the DJ's services for the event and to confirm the booking.





What happens after we book?


Once you have provided a deposit and screenshot


-We will put your event into your SIMCHA DJ's calendar

-We will send you screen shot of that calendar for your confirmation

-After that point it's best to keep communications about the event over email.

  1. Pre-Event Communication:

- We discuss the event timeline, ensuring they have a clear understanding of the schedule and important moments during the celebration.

 - We actively listen to your specific song requests, including any traditional ceremonial music or personalized dedications.

- We offer guidance and suggestions, drawing on our extensive knowledge of music, and SIMCHA ENHANCEMENTS to enhance the event experience.

  1. Event Execution:

- On the day of the event, we arrive at the venue to set up our professional sound and lighting equipment.

- We work closely with the event planner, venue staff, or any other relevant parties to coordinate logistics. They should all be working TEAM MEMBERS OF THE HOLY SIMCHAS EVENTS TEAMS. 

- We create an inviting and vibrant atmosphere, either keeping the music “Just Jewish” or by seamlessly mixing HOLY SIMCHAS music with popular hits to cater to guests of all ages and musical tastes. We do this based on your guidance.

 - We skillfully read the crowd, adjusting the playlist and energy levels to keep everyone engaged and entertained.

- Your HOLY SIMCHAS DJ interacts with your audience when appropriate, encouraging dancing, sing-alongs, and joyful participation.


  1. Client Satisfaction:

 - After our performance exceeds your expectations, you receive positive feedback from guests throughout the event.

- Our ability to maintain a lively ambiance while respecting the event's cultural and religious significance impresses everyone.

 - We ensure smooth transitions between songs and maintain a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm.

 - Your HOLY SIMCHAS DJ's charismatic and friendly demeanor contributes to a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

  1. Recommendations and Reviews:

 - We ask that you would enthusiastically recommend HOLY SIMCHAS to friends, family, and colleagues who are planning events.

 - We would love it if you would share your positive experience and highlight HOLYS SIMCHAS DJ's talent, professionalism, and ability to create a vibrant HOLY SIMCHAS music atmosphere.

- You may write rave reviews on event planning websites, social media platforms, and other online review platforms, spreading the word about HOLY SIMCHAS exceptional services.

  1. Repeat Bookings:

   - Normally our client becomes loyal customers, recognizing the HOLY SIMCHAS DJ as their go-to choice for future family and corporate functions.

   - Our client’s appreciate HOLY SIMCHAS consistent delivery of outstanding services and our understanding of their specific event requirements.

   - Frequently our clients establish a long-term relationship with HOLY SIMCHAS, seeking their expertise and advice for future events.

   - Our clients genereally refer the DJ to their extended network, ensuring the DJ's continued ability to be of service  by speading joy in the Jewish community.



Bar Mitzvah DJ Services FAQs

What Customization Options are included in the HOLY SIMCHAS BAR MITZVAH DJ Package:

Customization Options included in the Interactive Simcha DJ Package:

It’s your family's simcha. We believe it should reflect what you need.  Every simcha has different needs. You get to choose from this list suit your particular simcha vision.

Professional DJ Services: A skilled DJ to keep the party alive with the right mix of music.

Custom Playlist: Tailored playlist to suit the celebrant's preferences and the overall theme.

State-of-the-Art Sound System: High-quality audio equipment for a clear and vibrant music experience. Includes two 12” JBL RPX speakers. Microphone for speeches. 

Dynamic Lighting:  Exciting and dynamic lighting effects to enhance the party atmosphere

Games and Contests: Interactive games and contests to involve everyone and add excitement.

MC Services: An engaging MC to guide the event and interact with the crowd.

Dance Floor: Expert advice on how to set a  designated space for dancing and celebration.

Basic Dance Instructors:  Dancers to lead and teach dance routines.

Just Dance/ Interactive Games on Screens:  Incorporate interactive games on screens for added entertainment. “Just Dance” of all types and sorts to fit you community standards.  

Projector and screen:  This is to screen your video montage visually engaging video presentation celebrating the Bar Mitzvah's journey.

Interactive Music Requests: Guests can request their favorite songs to keep the dance floor lively.

Karaoke Option: A chance for guests to showcase their singing talents.

Interactive Trivia:  A trivia game related to the Bar Mitzvah's interests or family history.

Interactive DJ Booth:  Allowing the Bnei Mitzvah to have a closer look at the DJ's setup.

Timeline Coordination: Smooth coordination of the event schedule to ensure everything runs on time.

Interactive Technology:  Utilizing tech, like interactive screens or projections, to engage the audience.

Flash Mobs: Surprise the guests with a well-coordinated flash mob performance.

Costume Booth:  Providing costumes for guests to dress up and take memorable photos and giving their inner children a chance to come get loose on the dance floor. Lots of laughs. 

Fireworks Display:  A spectacular fireworks show to start the celebration. Pending permission from the venue.

Biodegradable Confetti Cannon: Celebrate special moments with eco-friendly biodegradable confetti.

Hula Hoop Zone: Provide hula hoops for guests to showcase their skills and have fun.

Dance Floor Icebreakers: Games that get your guests comfortable to dance in public.Grand entrance: A pumped up walking onto the dance floor.

Jump rope: Many fun games on the dance floor are done with a jump rope.

Giant Tallit Prop:The Giant Tallit Prop is a symbolic and decorative element at Bar Mitzvah celebrations, representing the prayer shawl, adding a touch of tradition and visual appeal to the event.

Giant Kallah Skirt Prop: is a fun and decorative element at Bat Mitzvah celebrations, representing the adding a touch of tradition and visual appeal to the event.


What music genres do you specialize in?

We specialize in a wide range of music genres, including pop, electronic, hip-hop, rock, and more.

Do you provide equipment for events?

Yes, we provide high-quality sound systems, lighting equipment, and DJ booths for all types of events.

Can you create custom playlists?

Absolutely! We work closely with clients to create tailor-made playlists that suit their event and preferences.

What In-House Enhancements do you offer at additional costs

In-House Enhancements (additional costs)

Pro Dance Instructors: Professional dancers to lead and teach dance routines.

Roly Poly Balls:  Let guests experience the thrill of rolling around in giant inflatable hamster balls.

Giant Dancing Dolls: These three meter tall inflatable costumes have become famous around the world for spreading laughter and joy.

Live Music Options: Consider incorporating live musicians or performers for variety.

Glow-in-the-Dark Elements: Adding glow-in-the-dark features for a neon-themed party.

Silent Disco:  A unique and trendy experience where guests wear headphones to listen to the music.

Bubble Machine: Create a magical atmosphere with bubbles floating through the air.

Customized Lighted Centerpieces: LED-lit centerpieces that change colors and patterns.

Gourmet Popcorn Bar: A variety of gourmet popcorn flavors for guests to enjoy.

Aerial Drone Photography: Capture aerial shots of the event for a unique perspective.

Giant Jenga or Connect Four: Oversized interactive games for guests to enjoy during the event.

Special Effects:  Smoke machines, confetti cannons, or other special effects for a memorable experience.

For Bat Mitzvahs

Hinna: Hinna, a joyful and culturally rich tradition, involves the application of intricate henna tattoos during Bat Mitzvah celebrations, symbolizing beauty and marking the transition to adulthood.

What enhancements available from trusted HOLY SIMCHAS associates:

Spray Paint Hats and Shirts:Guests can unleash their inner graffiti artist by spray-painting their own custom designs on hats and shirts. It's a wearable masterpiece that screams individuality!

Tie-Dye Station: Guests can customize their own tie-dye creations as a fun and colorful activity.

Personalized Henna Tattoo Booth: Allow guests to get temporary henna tattoos with personalized designs.

Drum Circle:Join the rhythm revolution! A drum circle provides an interactive and rhythmic experience, where guests can beat to their own drum and create a harmonious vibe together.

Mentalist:Prepare to have your mind blown! A mentalist adds a touch of mystery and mind-bending illusions to the event, leaving guests questioning reality and talking about the incredible feats they witnessed.

Magician: Abracadabra! A magician adds a dash of enchantment to the celebration, performing mesmerizing tricks that leave guests in awe and wondering, "How did they do that?"

Juggler and fire juggler: Juggling, spinning, and keeping things up in the air! A skilled juggler adds a playful and circus-like atmosphere, entertaining guests with their impressive feats of coordination.

Tzitzit / Techelet Workshop: A Tzitzit/Techelet Workshop is an engaging and educational experience during Bar Mitzvah celebrations, providing participants with the opportunity to learn about and create these ritual fringes, symbolizing Jewish identity and tradition. Dive into tradition! Guests can participate in a workshop where they create their own tzitzit and learn about techelet, adding a personal touch to these significant and symbolic elements.

Hafrashat Challah: Hafrashat Challah is a sacred tradition during Bat Mitzvah celebrations involving the special mitzvah of separating a portion of dough, symbolizing spiritual significance and fulfilling the commandment of offering a portion of the bread to God.

Miriam’s Drum: Miriam's Drum is a symbolic element in Bat Mitzvah celebrations, representing the spirit of Miriam, the biblical figure, through rhythmic beats and joyous music, adding a cultural and celebratory touch to the event.

Candle Making Workshop:

Let creativity shine bright! Guests can craft their own candles, choosing colors and scents to create personalized, hand-poured masterpieces. It's a hands-on activity that leaves everyone with a unique keepsake.

Balloon Arch:

Make a grand entrance! A balloon arch adds a burst of color and excitement, setting the stage for a lively and festive atmosphere as guests arrive.

Lighting Decor:

Set the mood with enchanting lighting decor. Whether it's fairy lights, lanterns, or creatively placed spotlights, the right lighting can transform the space into a magical wonderland.

Balloon Decor:

Elevate the decor with whimsical balloon arrangements. From elegant bouquets to fun and quirky shapes, balloons add a touch of celebration and playfulness to the event.

Funky Balloon Hats:

Guests get funky balloon hats to wear.

Roving Entertainment: 

Stilt walkers, jugglers, or other roving performers to interact with guests.

Glow-in-the-Dark Face Painting:

Face painting with UV-reactive paints for a vibrant and glowing effect.

Gelato or Ice Cream Cart:

 A cart serving delicious gelato or ice cream with various toppings.

Gourmet Donut Wall: A visually appealing wall displaying a variety of gourmet donuts.

DIY Flower Crown Station:

A station where guests can create their own flower crowns for bat mitzvahs.

DIY Lip Balm Station:

Create personalized lip balms with different scents and flavors for bat mitvzvahs.

Personalized Hora Chair:

A specially decorated chair for the celebrant during the traditional Hora dance.

DIY Dream Catcher Station:

Craft personalized dream catchers with various materials and designs.

DIY Glitter Tattoo Booth:

Guests can choose and apply their own glitter tattoos for a touch of sparkle.

Gourmet Cotton Candy Bar:

Offer a range of gourmet cotton candy flavors with fun toppings.

Balloon Artist:

A balloon artist crafting intricate balloon sculptures for guests.

Digital Caricature Booth: A modern twist on caricatures with a digital drawing station.

Roaming  Manget Photographer:

A photographer capturing candid moments throughout the venue.

Live Streaming Services:

 Broadcasting the celebration to include friends and family who couldn't attend in person.

Interactive Choreography:

Engage guests in a coordinated dance routine for a memorable group performance.

Escape Room Challenge:

Set up a mini escape room for guests to solve puzzles and challenges.

Gourmet Food Stations:

Stations serving specialty foods or interactive food experiences.

DIY Sweets Bar:

Let guests create their own sweet treats with a variety of candies and toppings.

Live Caricature Artists:

Artists creating caricatures of guests as unique keepsakes.

Green screen photo stand: A green screen photo stand at a Bat Mitzvah celebration provides an interactive experience, allowing participants to take photos against a green backdrop, which can be replaced with various custom backgrounds, adding creativity and fun to the event.

Balloon Drop: An exciting balloon drop to mark a special moment in the celebration.

Guestbook: An guestbook for attendees to leave messages.

Magician or Illusionist: A magical performance to captivate the audience.

Scented Candle Station: Allow guests to create their own scented candles as a unique keepsake.

Digital Guestbook: An interactive digital guestbook for attendees to leave messages.

Virtual Reality Experience: Offering a virtual reality experience for an extra dimension of fun.

Themed Decorations: Decor elements that complement the theme of the Bar Mitzvah.

Catering Services: Arrangements for delicious food and snacks of all sorts with all variety of Kosher Supervision (Hashgacha) 

Professional Photography and Video Services: Capturing candid moments throughout the celebration.

Video Montage: A visually engaging video presentation celebrating the Bar Mitzvah's journey.

Party Favors: Customized party favors for guests to take home.

Mocktail Bar:  A non-alcoholic bar serving creative and themed mocktails.

Themed Props:  Fun props that match the party theme for photo opportunities.

Social Media Integration: Sharing moments on social media with a dedicated hashtag.

Craft Stations: Creative stations for guests to make personalized keepsakes.

Live Artistic Creations: An artist creating live art pieces during the event.

Game Tables:  Tables with mini games for guests to enjoy between dances.

Customized Merchandise: Offering personalized event merchandise like shirts, hats, or accessories.

Live Animal Encounters: safe and supervised opportunity for guests to interact with animals.

Gaming Lounge:  A designated area with video games, arcade machines, and consoles.

Customized Scavenger Hunt: A personalized scavenger hunt with clues related to the Bar Mitzvah.

Innovative Dessert Stations: Interactive dessert stations with unique and creative treats.

Plant Your Own Tree Station: Guests can plant their own saplings as a symbolic gesture.

Mime Performance: Surprise and delight guests with a skilled mime performance.

Customized Rap/ Poetry Session:Have a poet create personalized poems for guests on the spot.

Futuristic LED Robes for Dancers: Dancers wearing LED-lit robes for a futuristic and dynamic performance.

What services does a HOLY SIMCHAS DJ typically offer?

HOLY SIMCHAS Bar Mitzvah DJ offers a range of services to enhance the celebration. These services may include:


  1. Music selection: Your HOLY SIMCHAS DJ will curate a playlist of appropriate music, including traditional Jewish music, contemporary hits, and popular dance songs.


  1. MC duties: Your HOLY SIMCHAS DJ will act as your  master of ceremonies (MC or EmCee), making announcements, introducing speakers, and guiding the flow of the event.


  1. Interactive entertainment: Your HOLY SIMCHAS DJ may organize interactive games, dances, and activities to engage the guests, such as dance-offs, trivia contests, or photo booths.


  1. Lighting and effects: Your HOLY SIMCHAS DJ may provide lighting setups, including dance floor lighting and uplighting to create a vibrant and festive atmosphere.


  1. Equipment rental: Your HOLY SIMCHAS DJ will typically bring their own professional audio equipment, including speakers, microphones, and DJ decks, to ensure high-quality sound throughout the event. Some event halls have a “in house sound, light and projection system”.  If the venue you have chosen has this then you HOLY SIMCHAS DJ will connect his/her equipment to the hall’s sound system.  The venue may charge an “ACUM” fee to have music played at your event.  The venue may also have a fee for using their in house system. 


  1. Event coordination: Your HOLY SIMCHAS DJ may function as your event planner or, if you already have an event planner,  work closely with the event planner, venue staff, and other vendors to ensure a smooth flow of the celebration.

Why have HOLY SIMCHAS DJs been the most frequently recommended DJs in Israel for Bar and Bat Mitzvah DJ for over a decade?

Read some of the many recommendations on Google or Facebook and you quickly discover what it is that friends, family, or your local Jewish community appreciate about HOLY SIMCHAS.  Once you have  read reviews, check with our experience and previous work, and communicate your specific needs to us you can be assured that HOLY SIMCHAS DJs are a good fit for your event.

What questions I should find out about before hiring a DJ?

Here are the important questions to ask a Bar Mitzvah DJ before making a decision:

  1. Are you available to DJ on the day and time of the event I am planning? A: Fill in your event details in our "Contact Us" section and we will check that for you. 
  2. Are you familiar with Jewish traditions and music associated with Bar Mitzvahs?

    A: HOLY SIMCHAS HAS DJed for over 1000 Bar and Bat  Mitzvahs.

  1. Can you provide references?

    A: Finding references for HOLY SICHA is as easy as google us and reading what our clients appreciate about what we do and how we do it on the testimonials section of our Google by Business or Facebook. 

  1. What types of music do you typically play, and can we request specific songs or genres?
  1. Do you offer additional services like lighting or interactive entertainment?
  2. How do you handle song requests from guests?
  3. What is your setup and equipment like? Do you have backup equipment available?
  4. How early do you arrive to set up, and how long does it take to pack up after the event? We come about 30 mintues prior and stay about 60 mintues after.  We need space to set up and lights on while we packup.
  5. What are your pricing and package options? See website. 

How much does a HOLY SIMCHAS Bar Mitzvah DJ package cost?

The cost of a HOLY SIMCHAS Bar Mitzvah DJ can vary depending on various factors, including which DJ you are hiring, location, duration of the event, and additional services provided. On average, you can expect to spend anywhere from 3500 NIS to a  4900 NIS for a professional HOLY SIMCHAS Bar Mitzvah DJ. It's best to discuss your budget and specific requirements with potential HOLY SIMCHAS DJs to get accurate pricing information.