The Rights Resource: Your Guide to Israeli Citizenship

In our community, we delve into the fundamental rights every Israeli citizen should know. From understanding legal protections to navigating social services, we're here to equip you with the knowledge to assert your rights confidently. Join us as we explore the intricacies of Israeli law, shed light on common misconceptions, and provide practical advice for advocating for yourself in various situations. Whether you're a seasoned citizen or a newcomer to Israeli society, this blog is your guide to understanding and exercising your rights effectively. Don't just know the law—embrace it and empower yourself as a proud Israeli citizen.

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Ministry of Interior

קו הצדק - דיווחי על עבירות והעלמות מס
ברצונכם למסור פרטים הידועים לכם על עסקים שונים, אשר אינם מדווחים כחוק לרשויות המס, מעלימים הכנסות ו"עובדים בשחור"?המידע שיתקבל יטופל וייבדק במלוא תשומת הלב.