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I'm going to interview the amazing Nili Salem as my next guest on the Jewish Jams Podcast to celebrate the release of the new banger she just dropped. "The Song of Shabbas (A Shlomo Carlebach Rap Remix)"


More about the song here from Nili:
OU’RE INVITED TO the Release party bH Rosh Chodesh Nissan… more info to come!
  Well, MAZAL TOV! MY SHLOMO CARLEBACH RAP REMIX that I dreamed about for years IS HERE on Spotify, Youtube & Apple Music (and all other streaming services) just in time to BUMP IT ON PURIM!!!!
  Please share it far and wide! So the whole wide world can sing the song of Shabbas!
  Please (every musician beggggs you to) only listen to their work of art with earphones or really good speakers to get the full experience! We work with so much dedication to manage every moment of the production... and this be a rap symphony yo! so you Gotta hear it as such (really different with good speakers!) Please and thank you!
  The goal of the song is to teach all of Jewish history, mission, and destiny in 5 minutes! If you listen to the lyrics you will learn all of Jewish history... all the way to YOU! (Lyric video coming soon!)
  My prayer is that it brings us all closer to our reason for existence... to carry this torch of peace, light and hope for the whole wide world to join in and share... so we can all come together for the Great Day! And sing the Song of Shabbas as One! WAHOOO!!! Please share!
>>>Apple Music/iTunes:
  HUGE THANK YOUS TO (HASHEM and His epic children):
Original Composer: Rav Shlomo Carlebach z'l with blessings and thanks to the whole Carlebach family Dari Carlebach Neshama Carlebach
Producer: Sam Glaser (and vocals)
Co-Producers: Taylor Carroll (and vocals) & Barak Raviv, and the Barak Raviv Foundation
Saxophone: Rabbi Reb Leibish Hundert
Piano: Sam Glaser
Gang Vocals: Leila Balter (and solo), Shira Geulah Cohn, Yitzy Katz, Ella Katz, Danny Daniel Fishman, Natan Winkler (and solo), Barbara Heller (and backing solos), Tuli Skaist, Jessica Leah Tabak, and @Yoshi Zimmerman.
Production Consultation: Chloé Miriam, Mikey Pauker.




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