Biz Whiz Kids: Make Money Doing What You Love and Learn to Run Your Own Biz


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Course Content:

What is an Entrepreneur?

We introduce the concept of entrepreneurship with relatable examples of young business owners and the products/services they offer.

Identifying a Great Idea:

We help them brainstorm ideas by focusing on their hobbies, interests, and problems they see around them.

Market Research:

We teach them basic research skills to understand their target audience (friends, family, community) and what products/services they might want.

Creating a Business Plan (Simple Version):

We guide them through creating a simplified plan outlining their product/service, target audience, marketing strategy, and budget (using allowance or saved money).

Marketing and Sales for Kids:

We teach them creative ways to promote their product/service like flyers, social media for their age group (if allowed by parents), or presentations to friends and family.

Responsible Business Practices:

We emphasize the importance of honesty, good customer service, and responsible pricing.

Facing Challenges and Learning from Mistakes:

We let them know that setbacks are normal. Encourage them to learn from them and adapt their approach.


DJ Ellie K: The Biz Whiz Kid Behind the Beats!
How did he turn his love for music into a real business?

Have you ever heard a song so awesome it makes you wanna jump and wiggle? Well, that's the magic Biz Whiz Kid  DJ Eliyahu Kanush brings to parties in Israel! 

But how did he turn his love for music into a real business, even at such a young age? He started making money at age 12.  Let's rewind and see how it all began.

Ellie wasn't your average kid. Instead of sports, he dreamt of mixing beats and creating electrifying music. His room wasn't just a bedroom, it was her DJ booth in the making! He begged her parents for a mini DJ set, and when he finally got it, his fingers flew across the buttons, mixing his favorite songs. The energy was contagious – his whole family was dancing in the living room!

One sunny afternoon, Ellie overheard his mom talking about a neighbor's upcoming bar mitzvahth day party. "They're looking for someone to play music," his mom mentioned. Ellie's heart thumped like a bass drum. This was his chance!

With a determined glint in his eyes, Ellie approached his mom. "Can I DJ the party? I can make it the coolest party ever!" His mom, impressed by his enthusiasm, agreed to talk to the neighbor.

The party night arrived, and Ellie transformed into DJ Ellie K! Dressed in hir coolest outfit and headphones on, he stood behind her mini DJ set, a tiny powerhouse ready to rock the house. The music pulsed, lights twinkled, and the bar mitzvah kid and their friends danced like nobody was watching. It was a blast!

Everyone loved it! Parents were amazed by Ellie's talent, and the kids were begging for more. Word spread quickly, and soon Ellie was getting requests to DJ other parties !

But being a Biz Whiz Kid is more than just having a cool talent. Ellie knew he had to be responsible. He practiced her mixes, created playlists for different moods, and even learned how to make posters to advertise his DJ services. He figured out how to charge a fair price and manage his little business.

Today, DJ Eliyahu Kanush is a local celebrity. He's learned that with passion, practice, and a business sense, you can turn what you love into something amazing. So, the next time you hear infectious music at a party, it might just be DJ Ellie K behind the decks, proving that by starting early you can be a Biz Whiz Kid!


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